Disclaimer on Carrier Appetite Indicator

In our continuing effort to bring you the most current market information, we have added a "Carrier Appetite Indicator" to E!Z Work Comp Rater.  This indicator is displayed on two reports:  "Manual Rate Comparisons" for Single Class Codes and "All Carriers Report by Premium".  The four possible indicators are as follows:

"++" for "Target" Classes;

"+" for "Will Consider" Classes;

"X" for "Prohibited" Classes;

"?" for "No Information Available"

We have gathered market appetite information from a variety of sources: our preferred source, of course, will always be the carriers themselves, but we have also relied upon a variety of publicly available sources and some of our very knowledgeable subscribers.

M & R Information Services is committed to making every reasonable effort to ensure that these "carrier appetite indicators" are as current as possible. However, users must recognize that carriers can change their appetites daily: e.g., a carrier may consider "Dry Cleaners" (Class 2589) a target market, but their underwriting department may suddenly decide they have reached their capacity for exposure in that particular class part way through an underwriting cycle and decline further submissions for that class.

A carrier's appetite for any class is but one piece of the underwriting process.  Users should understand that underwriting is a complex matrix of variables including but not limited to: the amount of premium, the risk's claim frequency and severity history, the number of years in business, the risk's payment history, the risk's geographical location, etc.  Very recently, some insurers have begun to employ predictive modeling as an underwriting tool which sometimes means that factors outside the control of the employer are being considered.  The "carrier appetite indicator" in E!Z Work Comp Rater only reflects class code or other industry sector information.

Finally, carriers may or may not write "unsupported" workers' compensation coverage.  Some major carriers, including Liberty Mutual and CNA have recently announced that they will no longer write monoline workers' compensation coverage.

User's Acknowledgement of Carrier Appetite Indicator Limitations:

Clicking 'Accept' confirms I have read the foregoing description of limitations and acknowledge that I reaffirm my agreement to abide by the terms of the original license agreement governing my use of E!Z Work Comp Rater especially those provisions in Section 12 ("Disclaimer and Exclusion of Warranties").